GenAI teams & data funnels to automate your work

Automate your target account research and enable personalized outreach, videos, ads, landing pages, chatbots and proposals.

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Meet the founder, Brentis.

I'm a systems guys at heart. I love utilizing public data, GenAI and data analysis for uses across sales, analytics and decision-making. One of our clients was able to generate $49m in pipeline per quarter.

– Brentis Cooper, Founder,

Automate your outbound sales

We find, research, analyze and pre-qualify your entire total-addressable-market (TAM), so that your team doesn't have to.

Our process

#1 - Identify ICPs from public data & paid databases

Build dossiers on your target accounts using public data sources and paid databases. Enrich from over 40+ data providers.

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#2 - Conduct in-depth AI research into target accounts

We use AI to conduct deep analysis into each of your target accounts. This includes researching their website, product/service, target audience, financial documents, team etc. This enables you to qualify targets for outreach and personalize messaging at scale.

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#3 - Personalize your sales outreach, ads and more

Pre-warm target accounts with ads, touch with personzlied sales outreach, update website content per target account and pre-educate your chatbots for more personalized experiences.

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Personalize your sales activities, on auto-pilot

Personalize every step of your sales process, including copywriting, sales videos, landing pages, proposals and ads.


What format do you deliver data?

We deliver the data in a csv, excel, or push to your CRM.

What industries do you serve?

We help our clients research and sell to a wide range of industries and niches, such as SaaS, finance, health supplements, medical equipment, recruitment etc.

Do you offer guarantees?

We offer guarantees for deliverables. The results that you get (e.g. number of converted sales) are up to your team.

Is your data GDPR compliant?

We do not collect information on European citizens. We give Californian residents the option to request a copy of any data that we have, as well as be removed from our database. We use established third party providers and public data sources.

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